LIC Merchant Portal – Complete Login Guide, Reset Password

LIC Merchant Portal – You must pay premiums when you purchase an insurance policy. The Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) has developed the LIC Merchant Portal to make it simple and quick for you to pay your premiums. This allows the LIC to maintain strong customer relationships. The registered, authorized, knowledgeable, and entirely trustworthy LIC Merchants provide a smooth and trouble-free interaction with the Corporation. To ensure transparency with its consumers, this merchant portal is an entirely online platform where all tasks are carried out online. To carry out all the acts without difficulty, the merchants must log in to their separate portals.


About LIC Merchant Portal

The LIC insurance firm in India is well-known and has numerous customers nationwide. after purchasing the insurance plan. The agreement requires that payments be made as specified. Different individuals are assigned by the LIC business to make contact with and follow up on insurance policy payments.

The individuals who are formally authorized to correct customer payments are LIC merchants. They have a unique website for premium collections that was developed by the LIC company. Special usernames, passwords, and login information are required for LIC merchants. The portal’s sole function is to facilitate the collection of premium solutions. Using the LIC link, the service is completed online. From the portal, merchants can check on updates and changes to the policies. Without having to call or visit, they can also check on the details of their clients. Information on the company, customers, and merchants may be found on the website.

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LIC Merchant Portal Details in Highlights

Name of the portal LIC Merchant Portal
Developed by Life Insurance Corporation of India
Objective To maintain strong customer relationships.
Official Website

Who is a LIC Merchant?

A large insurance corporation run by the Indian government, LIC has implemented merchant registration to ensure smooth operations. These merchants serve as a connection between the insurer and its clients and are chosen by the Corporation. To log into their own portals, each merchant has a distinct user ID and password. To increase the effectiveness of the merchants, LIC itself offers high-quality training.

Their primary duty is to collect the premium for the business. A portion of the premium they earn for the insurance policies they sell is used to pay the commission to these merchants. But in addition to this, they can also inspect and modify the information using different merchant tools. LIC merchants are similar to LIC offices in that they can provide the customer with practically all services. They do have access to LIC systems, and using this access, they are able to read various policies on customer data, including loans, surrenders, policy details, and so forth.

LIC Merchant Login Process

Follow the step below for LIC Merchant Login:

  • Choose the “merchant portal” tab from the “online services” list on the homepage.
  • Click the login tab now.
  • Continue by entering the username and password.
  • Then send the information in.
  • Before pressing the submit button, make sure the login information is accurate.

Login to the LIC Merchant Portal if you forgot your password

Follow the steps below to log in to the portal if you forgot your password

  • To access the website, retailers need their login information. One might, however, lose their password and have to reset it. The steps are straightforward as follows:
  • Visit the ” ” page on the LIC merchant website.
  • Select the merchant portal once more from the online services list.
  • Choose the login button.
  • Keep going and select “forgot password”.
  • Now enter your valid email address and user ID.
  • select “mail new password” from the menu.
  • A new password will be sent by the system to the verified email address,
  • Enter the password to access the store page.

How Do I Change My Password Online ?

Follow the steps below to change the password.

  • Go to the official LIC merchant website.
  • Access the merchant portal by selecting it from the list of online services.
  • Choosing the login tab.
  • Visit the change password.
  • Your user name and the current password must be entered.
  • Enter the new password right away, and then confirm it.
  • Choose the reset button next.

How to Update Email ID to Receive OTP?

If the website needs modifications, one must update their email in order to receive emails and OTP. The steps to take are listed below.

  • Using the LICmerchant portal located at ” “
  • On the menu for online services, select the merchant portal.
  • Click the login information once more.
  • Choose the “update email Id and get an OTP” option.
  • The right user ID and password must be entered.
  • Enter the email address.
  • Click the update button now.