UP CM Launches DBT Scheme, Rs 1,200 Per Student for Uniform, School Bag

DBT Scheme Benefits and Eligibility। UP CM DBT Scheme Application Process। UP Direct Benefit Transfer Scheme Objective and Amount। The Yogi administration was really concerned about the fact that children walked barefoot to school and lacked motivation owing to the absence of teachers, a bad school environment, the untidiness of students, and a lack of suitable clothes in government schools. A new program called the DBT Scheme was introduced after Yogi’s government gave several advantages and programs exclusively for schools. Children participating in this program may wear proper uniforms and use stationery by receiving financial assistance from their guardians or parents.

These actions not only enhance the cleanliness of the school environment but also raise student morale. In this article, we’ll talk about what the UP Direct Benefit Transfer Scheme is and why it was created. We’ll also talk about its benefits, who can use it, what documents they need, and how students can sign up for it.


UP CM DBT Scheme 2024

Prior to the administration of the Yogi government, or before 2017, the state of the schools was deemed to be extremely bad, and mismanagement contributed to their further deterioration. As a result, the administration of schools began to improve as a result of the government’s unceasing attempts to implement new schemes for the reform of schools.

  • Recently, on August 1, 2022, a new scheme called DBT Scheme was introduced.
  • The abbreviation DBT stands for Direct Bank Transfer.
  • Under this scheme, money is sent directly into the account of the parent or guardian so that they may purchase school uniforms, correct shoes, sweaters, bags, and stationery goods such as pens, pencils, etc.
  • Under this program, a total of 1200 rupees would be deposited straight into the bank accounts of guardians of students.
  • According to the state government, 1.91 crore government elementary school kids would profit from this scheme.
  • The scheme will not only be an aid but boost their morals as well.
  • Through the implementation of such a scheme, it seems that the government intends to reform and develop public schools as private schools.

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#UPCM @myogiadityanath launches DBT scheme, students to get ₹1,200 for uniforms, school bags pic.twitter.com/qzPnAYxRx2 — CM Office, GoUP (@CMOfficeUP) August 2, 2022

Direct Bank Transfer Scheme Launch Event

On Monday, 15 days before Independence Day, the Chief Minister delivers a speech at the inaugural ceremony for the direct benefit transfer (DBT) program.

  • Yogi Adityanath encouraged school administrators and teachers to keep schools as clean as temples and to respect schools as they would a shrine. Maintain the same degree of holiness in educational institutions as you do in religious organizations. This is who we are at our core. Everyone should have a spiritual connection to their school.
  • Discussed educational circumstances before 2017 and the extent to which they have improved in the current day.
  • Their future deteriorated as a consequence of untidy kids and a lack of motivation before school due to the absence of instructors. However, things are now improving.
  • 1,300 lakh schools are eligible for the funding. This cash (Rs. 1200)will be used to purchase two uniform sets (Rs 300 each), a sweater (Rs 200), a pair of shoes and two pairs of socks (Rs 125), a school bag (Rs 175), and stationery (Rs 100).
  • Teachers and administrators must contact, speak with, and visit parents to ensure students wear uniforms. Children should wear shoes. No youngster should shiver in the winter.
  • Higher-class students should contribute their old books to a “book bank” so junior-level pupils aren’t impacted if new books are delayed.
  • Every Gram Panchyat should send their children to school.

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UP DBT Scheme Overview

Scheme Name Direct Bank Transfer Scheme (DBT)
Launch By Yogi Adityanath
Launch Date August 1, 2022,
Benefits Rs. 1,200/-
Beneficiaries Students from primary schools
Official Website Not disclosed

Direct Bank Transfer Scheme Objectives

The objective of this scheme is to establish state-run schools on par(same level) with convents and private institutions. The introduction of such schemes creates leverage to move ahead toward the aim of the betterment of schools. Schools, students, and staff all get better off, which is good for the country as a whole. This scheme aims to benefit students who cant wear proper clothes for school due to the financial instability of their guardians.

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UP CM DBT Scheme Benefits

The DBT scheme comes with a whole host of perks and advantages.

  • Major schools are the primary emphasis of the plan, which also provides financial assistance to these institutions.
  • Students will be able to wear appropriate school uniforms. In addition to this, students benefit from products such as footwear, purses, and stationery supplies.
  • Children benefit from these programs because they improve their quality of life and give them more confidence to attend school.
  • There are 1.91 crore students now enrolled in 1.30 lakh educational institutions that are eligible to receive the funding. To be purchased with this sum are two complete sets of uniforms, each at Rs. 300; a sweater, priced at Rs. 200; a pair of shoes and two pairs of socks, each at Rs. 125; a school bag, priced at Rs. 175; and stationery, priced at Rs. 100.
  • After getting rewards, children will have an increase in feelings of pride and will have a renewed interest in attending school.

DBT Scheme Eligibility

Here’s what you need to do to be eligible for the program:

  • The person who gets the money must live in UP legally.
  • The person who gets help must be a student at a government school.
  • The person who gets the money must have a bank account.

Direct Bank Transfer Scheme Documents

To apply for the DBT scheme, you will need the following:

  • Date of the birth certificate for the student
  • Students show proof that they go to a government primary school.
  • Bank account of the student’s guardian or parent

UP CM DBT Scheme Application Process

This system, along with its perks, was only just made public after its announcement. As a result, the official website that would allow students to submit their applications has not yet been created. You are required to maintain a current profile on our website, where more information about this DBTscheme will be made accessible.