IGR Maharashtra

IGR Maharashtra – Inspector General of Registration. If you’re a property buyer in Maharashtra, you’ll need IGR Maharashtra to register your sale deed after paying stamp duty and registration fees. IGR oversees this procedure. igrmaharashtra.gov.in obtains money via stamp duty and other levies on papers like leave and license registration, mortgage, etc. The Department of Registration & Stamps, Government of Maharashtra, maintains a website for the Inspector General of Registration & Stamps to provide these services to people (IGRS). The portal provides online property registration and documentation. IGR Maharashtra property registration records and online document search are included. In today’s article, we will learn about what IGR Maharashtra is and the relevant details of it. We will also learn about the calculation and payment of stamp duty in Maharashtra.


IGR Maharashtra – Department of Registration & Stamps

IGR Maharashtra is the Registration and Stamps Inspector General. It is a digitally sophisticated department. IGR Maharashtra has decreased the necessity to visit the Sub-registrar office for property paperwork verification. The Maharashtra Department of Registration and Stamps use contemporary technologies to register and collect papers in a timely and transparent way. IGR Maharashtra’s website is available in English and Marathi. Its main function is to register papers and collect revenue. IGR Maharashtra online search provides people with a free IGR search service and successfully offers other services, such as IGR Maharashtra online document search.

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IGR Maharashtra: Online Services

IGR Maharashtra offers several services. Other IGR Maharashtra services may be accessed online at igrmaharashtra.gov.in. Examples:

  • Property e-registration (first sale only). From March 2021, only certain developers and MHADAmay use this feature.
  • Sub-Registrar time slot booking
  • Mortgage deed e-filing (for banks as well as users)
  • Property valuation
  • Stamp duty applications and related services such as refunds, etc.
  • Wedding license

How to Calculate Stamp Duty

Stamp Duty is a tax payable on registering a legal document with the Government. It is a tax that has to be paid on a number of different papers, some of which include the property sale agreement, the leave and license agreement, the gift deed, and the mortgage deed.

Stamp Duty in Maharashtra is 3% to 6% of the entire transaction price. This varies by document type, locality, and other considerations.

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Online, IGR Maharashtra calculates stamp duty. Stamp duty may be determined on IGR Maharashtra’s website (igr maharashtra gov in). Enter document data to estimate stamp duty. Online stamp duty calculations are shown below, step by step. Please follow the procedure carefully:

  • Initially, visit the official website. The home page will load on your device.
  • On the webpage, inside the online services area, there will be a stamp duty calculation option. You must press the button. Upon pressing the button, a new page will load.
  • If the document is a sale deed, click on the sale deed option; if it is an agreement to sell, click on the agreement to sell option; and if it is permission and license, click on the permission and license option.
  • After selecting the document type, you must next choose the municipality for your area.
  • After selecting the municipality, enter the amount of consideration and market value.
  • Simply press the Calculate button. The necessary information about stamp duty will be shown on the screen.

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igrmaharashtra.gov.in: search Property Registration details

Using the free search function on the IGR Maharashtra website, you may discover the specifics of any property that has been registered in the state of Maharashtra. It is possible to get information on any and all properties that were registered in Mumbai city and its suburban borders after the year 1985. The year 2002 is the earliest year for which information is available for regions other than Mumbai. Having said that, information is also accessible from 1985 through 2002 for a limited number of regions other than Mumbai.

Step-by-step property search:

  • IGR Maharashtra’s website is igrmaharashtra.gov.in.
  • Click ‘E-search’ on the homepage and pick a free procedure. Then a new page appears.
  • If you’re not a registered user, create an account and log in by clicking on the login button on the homepage. A new page will appear and enter login credentials.
  • Once logged in, choose the property’s location from Mumbai, other urban regions, or Maharashtra.
  • Year of registration, district, tehsil, village, and property number. If the specific property number is not available, enter the survey, plot, or CTS number and choose the property from the list below.
  • Choose the appropriate property. Select Index II. Downloading a PDF with registration information.

IGR Maharashtra Taxes and fees

Once the stamp duty has been determined, it may be paid online using the IGR Maharashtra’s GRAS system (igr maharashtra gov in). IGR Maharashtra also accepts registration fees. Users may pay both online and offline. You can pay without registering and also just follow the steps below.

  • To make it easy, directly visit the official page.
  • On the homepage of the link, click on the Inspector General of Registration tab. You will be redirected to the next process where you have a choice of whether you want to pay with login or without registration.
  • Easy is paying without registration for the moment.
  • Select the payment that must be made: stamp duty alone, registration fees only, or both stamp duty and registration costs.
  • Then select the applicable property district, the sub-registrar office with authority over the property, and the document type.
  • Enter the computed amount of stamp duty. If the registration fee option is also chosen, then the user must additionally input the registration fee. The registration cost is 1 percent of the document’s stated consideration value.
  • Enter the pertinent information on the property and both parties.
  • Select the payment method. Credit/debit cards and internet banking are acceptable online payment options. This site allows users unfamiliar with online payment alternatives to produce a challan and pay the needed amount in cash or check at specified bank locations.
  • Then you have to click the “submit” button.

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IGR Maharashtra: Get a Digital Copy of my Register Office

  • Open the official website, then click on the e-search tab, and then under online services, click on E-search.
  • A drop menu will open and you can choose a paid option to move further.
  • This will allow you to conduct an online document search at www.igrmaharashtra.gov.in. You will go to this website Link.
  • A new page will appear Choose one of the options below to continue your online document search with IGR Maharashtra.
  • Choose the district and enter 3 characters from the area, then click the submit button.
  • After that, click the details that are being requested, and after that, click the search button. The results will be shown.
  • Due to the fact that this is a paid service, you will need to make a payment using the e-Payment option found under the online services link on the Maharashtra IGR homepage. Once payment is received, your task is successfully completed.