Dharitree Assam 2024 – ILRMS Land Record Search, Jamabandi, NOC

On the Dharitree Assam or Dharitri Assam site, any Assamese may access the state’s land records and view them. This online platform for the maintenance of land records is managed by the Revenue and Disaster Management Department. Assam’s land revenue department was one of the state’s first departments to be founded, all the way back in 1874. In the revenueassam.nic.in Portal, a person may do an online search to access the state’s land register. In the present article, we will go through the portal and all of the services that are offered on the Dharitri Assam website in great depth.


Dharitree Assam 2024

The state’s Revenue and Disaster Management developed this webpage for land-related information. Assam’s government introduced Dharitree on October 7, 2021. The public may register, edit, view, and maintain land records using the site. Record management requires accurate land records. Manual record keeping has been plagued by opacity, delayed updates, corruption, and harassment of the public. As a solution, the State Government launched an internet-integrated land records management system to link the Revenue Circle, Sub-registrar, Deputy Commissioners’ offices, and the Director of Land Records.

The Land Records System comprises an online system for issuing a no objection certificate for the transfer of immovable property; a web application for updating land records (Dharitri); an online system for registering property (e-Panjiyan); and an online system for collecting land revenue. All of these four systems can talk to each other to make sure that the revenue department is as efficient, clear, and accountable as possible.

The Dharitri portal also guarantees that the sections, sub-registrars, circle offices, land records directorates, and offices of deputy commissioners are all connected to one another. The Dharitri Assam has simplified the process of registering land in the state and removed all of the obstacles that previously stood in the way. As of right now, there are only around 26,000 documents that have been digitized and made accessible on the site. However, additional data will be digitized in the next few days and weeks.

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Dharitree Assam Land Record Details in Highlights

Name Dharitree Assam
Website www.revenueassam.nic.in
Under Revenue and Disaster Management Department
Contact and address +91-361-2237273, office of the director of land records and surveys etc. Assam,Rupnagar, Guwahati-32

Dharitree Assam Objectives

Assam’s Dharitri platform serves four purposes:

  • Online Assam land record updates.
  • Section 21A of the Registration Act requires no-objection certificates for immovable property.
  • Citizens may register property online.
  • Online method for collecting landowners’ taxes.

Dharitree Assam Documents

  • No Objection Certificate, which is sometimes referred to as NOC Jamabandi or the Assam Land Records.
  • The Registration of Property Bhunaksha in Assam or the Computerized Cadastral Map of the Land
  • Monitoring of the Application Process Bringing the outdated land records in Assam up to date and ensuring that they are archived in the correct manner
  • lowering the expenses associated with transferring, registering, maintaining, and upgrading the Jamabandi Assam
  • distribution of land records to the appropriate authorities in a timely and uncomplicated manner

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Dharitree Assam Service

On Dharitri, Assam, Citizens Can Receive Various Services

On the Dharitri Assam website, a variety of services centered on the consumer are provided, including the following:

  • It should be issued, and you should also monitor it.
  • Maintain current online land records.
  • Register the property electronically using the web portal provided by Dharitree Assam.
  • It is a platform that may be used online for the purpose of collecting land income.

Dharitree Assam Details Needed to Check

  • Dag number is similar to Aadhar’s UID. Each land piece has a Khasra or dag number. In Assam, the khasra number is only searchable by the Dag number. Assam land records have Dag numbers. See ownership, land registration, land area, and neighboring landowner data.
  • Patta Number: Land-ownership evidence. It’s used when a landowner leases out property. This number formalizes Assam land transfer.
  • Patidars are Assam’s landowners.

Process to Check Dharitree Assam Land Record

  • First, go to the Dharitri Assam website, which is the official website for the Assam land record database.
  • From the main page, choose “Land Records” (also known as “Jamabandi Assam“). Please choose the Proceed option.
  • A new page will appear, and you will need to choose the district from the list, then the circle, and finally the name of the village or town.
  • At this point, you should input the Captcha code and the dag number, and then click the Search button. There is also the option to search by Patta number or Pattadar number, which you may pick. When you pick the Patta number option, use the on-screen virtual keyboard to input the Patta number, or the Pattadar number if applicable. Click the button labeled “Search.”
  • In the next step, all of the information that is included in the Assam land records will be shown on the screen. Details such as the lease number, the details of the lease holder, the lot number, the local tax, the patta type, comments, and other details will be included.

Dharitree Assam Online Circle Office

  • Please visit the Website of the Government of Assam for Revenue and Disaster Management.
  • Choose ‘Know my Circle Office’ from the menu located in the ‘How do I Head’ section.
  • Once the new page has loaded, choose the Name of Circle Officers from the menu on the left. You will get a download of an Excel file on your computer. You should verify the neighboring office by opening the file.

Dharitree Assam Assam Check Mutation Process

Ways to verify Assam’s mutation property:

  • Write a letter to Guwahati Municipal Corporation’s commissioner . The letter will be delivered by the GMC’s Deputy Commissioner.
  • Pay Rs.100 by check or DD to check property mutation.
  • Finally, obtain the mutation documentation within a few days.