Chandigarh Land Records – Check Online Jamabandi, Property Details

Chandigarh Land Records – The Chandigarh administration began digitizing land records in 2013 to speed up the process of land-related transactions and decrease property fraud and disputes. The Chandigarh administration’s official website offers a number of online services, including the ability to access Chandigarh Land Records. Under the Digital India land records modernization program, the UT Revenue Department of Chandigarh recently digitalized the land records of 25 villages (DILRMP). The Indian government introduced the DILRMP to increase openness in the system for maintaining land records. Read the post below to know how to check Chandigarh land records and how to access other services available on the website.


Chandigarh Land Records 2024

To access Chandigarh and records, as well as Jamabandi Chandigarh, the Chandigarh administration has developed an online platform. To end property fraud and disputes, the Chandigarh Administration website was launched in 2013. The website is run by Chandigarh’s UT Revenue Department. The Digital India Land Records Modernization Program (DILRMP), which was started to increase openness in the maintenance of land records, was responsible for this project.

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Chandigarh Land Records Details in Highlights

Name Chandigarh Land Records
Another name Chandigarh Jamaban
Managed by UT Revenue Department of Chandigarh
Official website

Objectives of Chandigarh Land Records Website

The following advantages are available to users of the Chandigarh land records web portal:

  • Digitisation of all land records Chandigarh
  • Mutations and property registrations can be done online
  • Reduced property frauds and scams
  • Chandigarh land records and registrations can be integrated
  • Updating survey and settlement records
  • Geospatial Information System (GIS) is developed
  • To ensure digitisation of cadastral maps
  • Creation of original cadastral records

Services Offered through Chandigarh Land Records Online Portal

Through the Chandigarh Jamabandi website, you can utilize the following services:-

  • Online building plan approval
  • RTI Online
  • Mutation of property
  • View land records or online Jamabandi ROR
  • Zoning plan
  • Pay electricity bill/ water bill
  • Submit grievance

Chandigarh Parvarish Yojana

Information Needed to Verify Jamabandi Land Records in Chandigarh

The following information should be ready when checking the Chandigarh JamabandiROR: –

  • It is an account number provided to co-owners of a piece of land.

For instance, the Khewat number of two brothers who jointly own a home is 5. After some time, they choose to purchase Khewat 6 property. The owner’s name will then be updated in Khewat numbers 5 and 6 during mutation.

  • Khasra Number: The Khasra Number, also known as the Survey Number, is a special number assigned to a plot of property in rural areas.

How to Search Online for Jamabandi Chandigarh Land Records

The Chandigarh UT Revenue Department is currently digitizing the land records of 25 villages. Let’s see how Chandigarh’s land records are checked.

  • Under the Services section, select Online Services (the services section is given at the end of the website)
  • Select Online Jamabandi/RoR. Online Nakal will launch a new page. On the menu bar, select Online Nakal.
  • With the owner’s name, khewat number, or khasra number, you can examine the specifics of a Chandigarh jamabandi.
  • Using the Khewatnumber, verify the information. After clicking the Khewat number, choose the village.
  • Choose the Khewat number now, and information about the property owner will be shown.

How to Verify Land Records from Jamabandi Chandigarh in Person

You can check Chandigarh jamabandi offline as well by following the steps given below: –

  • The individual who wants to check the records should go to the Municipal Corporation Office and speak with the estate officer or naib tahsildar. The office should be located where property is situated.
  • Proceed to the relevant authority and request an application form. Write an application on plain paper if the application form is not available.
  • Complete the application form and affix the proper documents.
  • Deliver the application form and supporting documents to the appropriate authority. After the authority has reviewed the documents and determined that everything is in order, the application will be approved.
  • The authority will record the application and offer a record number as acknowledgment. Safeguard the acknowledgement.

Documents Required to Check Jamabandi Chandigarh Land Record Offline

As discussed above, the following documents will be attached to the application form: –

  • Address proof: Ration card / Aadhaar card / Telephone bill or Water bill
  • Identity proof: Passport / Aadhaar card / PAN card/ Voter ID / Driving license
  • Receipt of property tax payment
  • Property documents like sale deed
  • Possession proof
  • Aadhaar card (mandatory)
  • Ration card (mandatory)
  • Encumbrance certificate

Checking Deed Appointments Availability on the Chandigarh Land Records Portal

Checking the availability of deed appointments on the Chandigarh land records portal is quite simple and practical. You must visit the Online Jamabandi Chandigarh website, select Deed Appointment, and then confirm the availability of Deed Appointment. Choose the day that you want your appointment on. The availability of appointments will then be shown on the screen after selecting Search.

Steps to Apply for Deed Registration Appointment Online

Visit the Online Chandigarh Jamabandi website, select Deed Appointment, and then Deed Registration Appointment to submit an online application for a deed registration appointment. An appointment form will appear; complete it with the necessary information, including the time slot, applicant name, appointment date, and cell or email address. Enter the first party’s information, the second party’s information, and information on the stamp paper used in the second section of the form. Enter the OTP after clicking Create OTP, then click Submit.

Important Points to Remember

  • A candidate must arrive on time or 10 minutes early for their appointment. No party will continue past the scheduled appointment hour.
  • A second dosage Covid vaccination certificate should be carried by everyone. No one may enter the premises without a second dose.
  • The applicant and two witnesses must properly sign each paper. It is required to include applicant photos, annexures, and other supporting materials to the application.
  • By logging into the same portal, you can also reproduce the receipt for the deed appointment. Click on Deed Appointment on the Online Chandigarh Jamabandiwebsite. Click the Re-print Appointment Receipt button now. Click on Create OTP after entering the appointment date, time slot, and registered cellphone number. Enter the OTP at this point, and the receipt will appear. The receipt is simple to print out.

How to Use the Chandigarh Land Records Online to Obtain Mutation Information

Through the Online Jamabandi website, Chandigarh residents can examine the status of their mutations. Choose Online Mutation Copy by clicking on it. Then choose “Village” from the drop-down box and fill out the remaining fields, including the mutation date, mutation number, cellphone number, and captcha. When you select Search, information will appear on the screen.

Apply for Demarcation on Jamabandi Chandigarh Online Portal

Through the Chandigarh portal for land records, you can request land demarcation. Apply for Demarcation by visiting the Online Chandigarh Jamabandi website and selecting Online Services. An application form will appear; complete the captcha and the fields for the village, khewat, father’s name, address, ownership information, and mobile number. Hit “Submit.” In this way your your land demarcation application is submitted.

File Grievance on the Jamabandi Chandigarh Administration Website

Visit the Chandigarh Administration website to make a complaint of any kind. Next, select Online Services, and then select Grievances. A new page will pop up and then click on lodge public grievance. If you haven’t registered yet, log in to the portal. Then complete the form and press the submit button.

Contact Information

You can contact at the following address for information: –

Department of Information Technology

Chandigarh Administration

Additional Deluxe Building, Sector 9,



How can I get online Chandigarh land records? Visit the Chandigarh Administration website to verify the land records of Chandigarh online. Who oversees the Chandigarh land records website? The online land records site is run by the UT Revenue Department of Chandigarh. How can one check the owner of a property on the Chandigarh land record website? Visit the Chandigarh Administration website to verify the property owner, and you’ll be taken to the Online Jamabandi portal. There, you can use the khewat number or khasra number to look for the records.