Telangana CM Breakfast Scheme launched, students in class 1-10 to receive free breakfast

Telangana CM Breakfast Scheme – The Telangana government has decided to implement the Chief Minister’s Breakfast Scheme in all of the public schools on working days beginning on October 24, taking a lesson from the Tamil Nadu government. The government anticipates spending Rs 400 crore annually to implement the program. Read the article below to know more about తెలంగాణ cm అల్పాహార పథకం


Telangana CM Breakfast Scheme 2024

The welfare of women and children in the state has received top emphasis from the state government. In the last ten years, a number of programs have been introduced that have transformed the social and health sectors. The Chief Minister, often known as KCR, made the decision to introduce the program as a Dasara gift and a demonstration of his humanistic attitude. He was touched by the situation of the students’ parents, who work as agricultural laborers and leave their houses at the crack of dawn. Additionally, he chose to expand the breakfast program to high school children after sending a team of IAS officers to study it in Tamil Nadu.

CM KCR dispatched a team to Tamil Nadu after the breakfast meal program was introduced to investigate the program. KCR made the decision to extend the program to high school students while Tamil Nadu was implementing it for children in Classes 1 through 5.

06th Oct Update – Telangana CM Breakfast Scheme officially launched

For all kids attending government schools, the Telangana government introduced a novel program under which they would receive breakfast before classes began. On Friday, a few schools around the State participated in the official launch of the “Chief Minister’s Breakfast Scheme.” After the Dasara break, it would be made available to pupils in grades 1 through 10 at all government-run schools. The program was introduced on Friday morning at the Zilla Parishad High School in Raviryala in the nearby Ranga Reddy district by the ministers of finance, information, and public relations, as well as education, Sabitha Indra Reddy.

The Ministers and MLAs from all 119 constituencies started the program at the same time in a few selected schools. The Ministers and students both ate breakfast following the opening of the program. It would help 20 lakh children, and Telangana was the only state to provide breakfast for students in grades 1 through 10 in public schools. Since the majority of students in government schools are from low-income families, this would enable parents to take their kids to school on time without having to worry about feeding them. As well as preventing dropouts, the program will assist students in receiving a balanced diet each day. She claimed that she had learned at a discussion with the officials that just two out of every ten students eat breakfast, while the other eight arrive at school hungry.

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తెలంగాణ cm అల్పాహార పథకం Details in Highlights

Name of the scheme Telangana CM Breakfast Scheme
Launched by Telangana government
Objective To increase the nutritional value among school-going children
Benefits Improve nutrition of students from low income household
Official Website

Objectives of Telangana CM Breakfast Scheme

The main objective of the scheme is that no youngster should arrive at school hungry, especially those whose parents work as agricultural workers and may not be able to provide their kid’s breakfast. According to KCR, this program will assist in ensuring that kids receive nourishing food so they can concentrate on their schoolwork.

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Features of Telangana CM Breakfast Scheme

Over nine lakh pupils are enrolled in over 5,000 schools, including residential schools, throughout the state, according to sources. It would only be extended to day schools because breakfast and meals are already served at residential schools.

Advantages of Telangana CM Breakfast Scheme

According to the school education department’s decree, The Government has Decided to Provide Free Breakfast Under the “Chief Ministers Breakfast Scheme” to School Children Studying from Class 1 to Class l0 in Government and Local Bodies Schools on All School Working Days.

Benefits of తెలంగాణ cm అల్పాహార పథకం

The programme aims to help students from low-income households improve their nutrition, education, and ability to concentrate on their schoolwork.

Eligibility Criteria for Telangana CM Breakfast Scheme

Following are the eligibility criteria for the scheme.

  • Students studying in class 1 to 10.
  • Students studying in government schools of Telangana.
  • Students studying in local body schools.


Application Process of Telangana CM Breakfast Scheme

The government has not notified the official website for scheme yet. All the eligible applicants can visit the official website and fill the form there once the government announces its official website.