Telangana Minority 1 Lakh Scheme – How to Apply, Eligibility, Benefits

Telangana Minority 1 Lakh Scheme – The Telangana government on Sunday issued an ordinance to provide eligible members of minorities with 100% subsidized financial support of Rupees 1 lakh. The financial aid provided to minorities will be similar to that given to the lower classes. The state government asserted that it is yet another historical turning point in the minority communities’ journey towards economic independence. Read below to check the detailed information related to TSMFC Minority 1 Lac Scheme like Highlights, Features & Benefits, Eligibility Criteria, Necessary Guidelines, Application Procedures, and much more.


Telangana Minority 1 Lakh Scheme 2024

On July 23, Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao made a decision to this effect, and the State Government thereafter issued rules allowing minorities to receive financial aid. As a result, instructions for choosing beneficiaries under the scheme were released. For the purpose of implementing the economic support program, the Minorities Welfare Department issued a Government Order (GO). The GO states that applications that were submitted during the fiscal year 2022–23 but are still waiting will be taken into consideration in 2023–24 for the approval of 100% direct subsidies of Rs 1 lakh for each eligible recipient, to be carried out through Telangana State Minorities Finance Corporation.

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11th Sept Update – Telangana Govt soon to roll out 2nd phase of Minority 1 Lakh Scheme

The State government is getting ready to roll out the second phase of its 100% subsidized loan program for minorities. The Telangana Minority Finance Corporation is reportedly making efforts to give each of the 14,300 applicants Rs 1 lakh, according to representatives of the Minority Welfare Department. For the second phase, the government has already allotted Rs 153 crore, and it has ordered District Collectors and District Minority Welfare Officers to ensure that the program is carried out correctly.

According to the officials, the second phase of the minority subsidy program has been made possible by the effective completion of the first phase. On August 19, 10,000 minority recipients received checks for Rs 1 lakh apiece as part of the government’s initial Rs 100 crore distribution. Each assembly constituency’s 120 qualified members of minority communities are receiving subsidies from the government.

09th August Update – Check distribution starts on August 16

The Telangana government asked staff to start distributing the financial assistance checks from August 16 after introducing the Rs 1 lakh financial assistance program for minorities. In addition to the existing allocation of Rs 270 crore, Telangana’s finance minister T Harish Rao has ordered officials to release an additional Rs 130 crore, bringing the total amount to Rs 400 crore. The selection and distribution of financial aid, according to the minister, would be based on the population proportion in each constituency.

TSMFC Minority 1 Lac Scheme Details in Highlights

Name Telangana Minority 1 Lakh Scheme
Initiated by Government of Telangana
State Telangana
Beneficiaries Minority communities’ of Telangana
Official Website Not Yet Launched
Similar Scheme Telangana BC 1 Lakh Scheme

Features & Benefits of Telangana Minority 1 Lakh Scheme

Some of the key features and benefits of the Telangana Minority 1 Lakh Scheme are as follows:

  • According to the state’s chief minister, K. Chandrasekhar Rao, all attempts are being made to end poverty in all segments of society, regardless of caste or religion.
  • The administration has already started providing assistance to the deserving groups.
  • The state’s commitment to the welfare and development of all minority populations was reaffirmed by the chief minister.
  • Through the implementation of numerous programs in areas like employment and education, efforts are being made to reduce poverty and backwardness among minorities.

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Eligibility Criteria for Telangana Minority 1 Lakh Scheme

The applicants applying for Telangana Minority 1 Lakh Scheme must fulfill the following eligibility criteria:

  • Christian applicants will be asked to submit new applications in order to be considered for the Telangana State Christian Minorities Finance Corporation’s financial aid program.
  • One family member from each will receive the grant.
  • As of June 2, 2023, the individual age restriction for candidates is set at 21 to 55 years old.
  • In rural areas, the applicant’s yearly income cannot exceed 1,50,000 rupees
  • In urban areas, the applicant’s yearly income cannot exceed 2 lakh rupees

Telangana Minority 1 Lakh Scheme Necessary Guidelines

The Telangana government announced the launch of the minorities’ economic assistance program and published a Government Order (G.O.) outlining the necessary guidelines, which are as follows:

  • Applications for 100% direct subsidies of Rs 1 lakh for each qualified beneficiary were submitted through the Online Beneficiary Management and Monitoring System (OBMMS) portal during the fiscal year 2022–23 but are still pending consideration during the current fiscal year 2023–24 will be handled by Telangana State Minorities Finance Corporation (TSMFC).
  • For the selection of Christian candidates to get financial help of Rs. 1 lakh cach 100% direct subsidy to be carried out by the TSMFC, new applications from Christians should be requested.
  • As of 2nd June 2023, the individual age restriction for candidates is 21 years to 55 years.
  • Only one family member will receive the grant.
  • The applicant’s annual income cannot exceed Rupees 150,000 in rural areas and Rupees 2 lakh in urban areas.
  • The District Level Monitoring Committee/District Level Screening Committee, which is chaired by the District Collector, will finish the selection process.
  • For this Scheme, the District Collector must obtain the District Incharge Minister’s consent on behalf of the entire District.
  • The TSMFC website must provide the phase-by-phase selection list. The subsidy will be made available as a one-time grant.
  • The managing director of Telangana State Christian (Minorities) Finance Corporation in Hyderabad and the vice chairman and managing director of Telangana State Minorities Finance Corporation in Hyderabad would take the appropriate additional action in response.
  • The Management and Monitoring System for the online beneficiaries must include all of the aforementioned eligibility requirements, according to the Centre for Good Governance.

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Application Process for Telangana Minority 1 Lakh Scheme 2024

The Government of Telangana has recently introduced the Telangana Minority 1 Lakh Scheme. The government has not yet published the official website for this; however, the government will do so shortly. We will update this post as soon as there is a fresh update on this plan.