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Startup Odisha – Since the beginning of Startup Odisha, it has already attracted some of the brightest minds in business and has helped more than 800 startups get off the ground. The Startup Odisha initiative was created by the MSME Department of the Government of Odisha. It promotes the ideas and innovations of aspiring business owners in the state and seeks to officially recognize these individuals and organizations as startups. Additionally, it is working toward the creation of innovative goods and services, making efforts to implement ideas on a larger scale in order to develop a profitable and environmentally responsible business model that has a good chance of producing new jobs and increasing the state’s income. In today’s article, we will learn about the Startup Odisha scheme and all the details such as eligibility and application procedure.


Startup Odisha

A project spearheaded by the State Government of Odisha, “Startup Odisha”, aims to create a “Startup Hub” on the state’s territory that is on par with the best in the world. Its slogan is “A New Wave of Innovation.” An effort taken by the MSME Department of the Government of Odisha, Startup Odisha aims to promote the ideas and innovations of aspiring business owners. It contains a variety of services and facilities, ranging from those of a world-class infrastructure to those of the most advanced technology. Since the company was founded, one of its primary goals has been to take the necessary steps toward achieving recognition for a minimum of one thousand other companies during the next five years.

Odisha State was picked because it is one of India’s fastest-growing economies, innovative ecosystems, advanced industrial clusters and expected to expand by 12%. It invented the Single Window Clearance System. East Asia’s educational center. The World Bank ranks Bhubaneswar as the third-best Indian city for business.

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#StartupOdishaYatra 2.0 launched to establish the culture of idea generation among youth has been providing entrepreneurial exposure to the young minds in #Odisha . The van campaigns & bootcamps have been playing a pivotal role in identifying ideas and innovators in the State. — CMO Odisha (@CMO_Odisha) October 6, 2022 Portal Details in Overview

Scheme Name Startup Odisha
launch year 2023
launch by Odhisha Government
Application mode Online
Objectives Create a startup-friendly atmosphere and ecosystem.

Startup Odisha Objectives

  • Creating a world-class “startup hub” by 2020
  • Encouraging incubators to meet state needs.
  • Skill-based training to support young businesses
  • Encouraging Odisha-based enterprises to incorporate a CSR option for startup skills and infrastructure.
  • Create a helpful atmosphere and ecosystem for 1,000 companies in five years.
  • Create a strong institutional structure for implementation, monitoring, and assessment.

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Startup Odisha Benefits

The benefits and features of the scheme are listed below:

  • The establishment of physical infrastructure is of a global standard.
  • The encouragement of creative thinking.
  • Creating a culture of entrepreneurship via the institutionalization of education
  • Training for the necessary skills for the startup
  • Support will be provided to entrepreneurs. Startups that are recognized and eligible will get a monthly allowance of Rs. 20,000 in their registered bank account. This allowance will initially be provided for the first three months of the company’s current existence. The payout will begin 15 days after the three-month term ends and continue for a year.
  • Startups may get help by providing a product development plan. If accepted, some of the help will be paid in advance, and the rest will be deposited into the startup’s bank account. Rs 15 lakhs will be provided.

Startup Odisha Eligibilities

  • In order to qualify, an entity must have an incorporation/registration date less than five years old.
  • Entities’ yearly revenue has not exceeded Rs. 25 crores in any of these fiscal years.
  • Entity focuses on the pursuit of innovation/development, as well as the deployment or commercialization of new goods, processes, or services powered by technology or intellectual property, in order to make them scalable for commercial success.
  • The entity is registered in Odisha and employs at least 50 percent of its qualified personnel in the state.
  • The entity is neither an expansion of an existing family company nor was it created by dividing or reorganizing an existing family firm.
  • A foreigner may join Startup Odisha by registering an LLP. Foreign funding must meet FDI requirements. A foreign citizen, NRI, or PIO may self-register with MCA or Registrar of Firms and then register on the Startup Odisha Portal to get advantages.
  • A foreigner may join Startup Odisha by registering an LLP. Foreign funding must meet FDI requirements. A foreign citizen, NRI, or PIO may self-register with MCA or Registrar of Firms and then register on the Startup Odisha Portal to get advantages.

Startup Odisha Documents

The needed documents for the scheme are listed below:

  • Aadhar Card or Voter ID.
  • Educational Certificates
  • Email ID
  • Mobile Number

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Startup Odisha Startups Registering Process

To register, just follow the simple steps below:

  • In the upper-left area of the homepage, click the register link to bring up a menu.
  • Select startup from the menu that appears by clicking on its link.
  • A new page will load and you will be prompted to register as a new user; click the register button.
  • The register button will open the same form on the same page when clicked.
  • Enter details asked. Enter your name, username, email address, password, and captcha code, then click register.
  • Your form will be registered successfully.

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