RTPS Bihar – Apply for Income,Caste, Residence Certificate at rtps.bihar.gov.in

RTPS Bihar – The Bihar Right To Public Services Act 2011 was adopted in Bihar in order to provide individuals with notified public services, such as the ability to apply for documents including caste, income, and residency certificates within a set time frame. Additionally, the government launched the e-services platform for RTPS and other services. By using the RTPS Bihar portal, residents of Bihar can apply for these documents online from any location without having to go to an RTPS counter or office. A guide to the RTPS Bihar web portal can be found here. We’ll also go over how to apply for Bihar’s e-services, like applications for various kinds of certificates.


RTPS Bihar Online

Bihar residents must get certain credentials in order to use various government services, such as state and federal government programs or scholarships, including caste certificates, income certificates, and residency certificates. To provide RTPS and other services in a timely manner, the Bihar government launched the eServices Online Portal serviceonline.bihar.gov.in. The facility guarantees transparency because timely delivery of public utility services.

The RTPS portal enables users to submit online applications for numerous credentials. They can also access other services on the RTPS Bihar online portal, download the certificate, and check the status of their application. Users are directed to the serviceonline.bihar.gov.in portal through the RTPS website at http://rtps.bihar.gov.in/rtps/. Click for more details about the Bihar Apna Khata

rtps.bihar.gov.in Portal Details

Scheme Name RTPS Bihar
Launched by Bihar government
Beneficiaries Citizens of Bihar
Purpose Simplified online application for various certificates, including Bihar Caste Certificate, Bihar Income Certificate, and Bihar Residential Certificate
Official Website http://rtps.bihar.gov.in/rtps/

Elabharthi Bihar

RTPS Bihar Portal: Goals and Advantages

The Bihar RTPS is an online platform that was created to give individuals direct access to various RTPS services and to apply for papers including income, caste, and residence certificates quickly and easily.

People used to need to go to the appropriate government office to get documentation like caste, residency, and income certificates. When applying for various government positions, government programmes, or admittance to schools and colleges, these documents could be necessary.

What is Caste Certificate??

The government of India issues caste certificates to members of all castes in India, including those who are members of scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, and other backward classes.

For members of the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, and Other Backward Classes, a Bihar caste certificate is required. Citizens in Bihar can obtain their caste certificates online and download them from the RTPS webpage.

What is a Certificate of Income?

The state government’s income certificate, which is used to verify an individual’s annual income from all sources in a single year, is issued. From one state to another, different authorities may be responsible for providing income certificates. For rural tehsildar, it could be issued by the District Magistrate or Revenue Department.

What is a Residence Certificate?

Proof of a citizen’s ongoing residency in a state is provided by a resident certificate, known as a niwas praman patra in Bihar. This document is required in order to apply for government positions, water or electricity connections, etc.

The following kinds of RTPS Bihar online services are offered:

  • General Administration Department
  • Social Security Schemes of Social Welfare Department
  • Planning and Development Department
  • Labor Resources Department
  • Revenue and Land Reforms Department
  • Food and Consumer Protection Department

Citizens of Bihar can visit the RTPS Portal and apply for:

  • New income certificate/issue of income certificate
  • Duplicate income certificate/issue of duplicate income certificate
  • New residential certificate/issue of residential certificate
  • Duplicate residential certificate/issue of duplicate residential certificate
  • New caste certificate/issue of caste certificate
  • Duplicate caste certificate/issue of duplicate cast certificate

SSPMIS Payment Status

How to Apply for a Caste/ Income and Residence Certificate Online at RTPS Bihar

  • Click on “Apply Online,” then select “General Administration Department” under “RTPS services.” On the home page’s left side, under RTPS services, the same link is also provided.
  • The following options for various services will be provided:
    • Issuance of residential certificate
    • Issuance of caste certificate
    • Issuance of income certificate
    • Issuance of non-creamy layer certificate (for the purpose of the government of Bihar)
    • Issuance of non-creamy layer certificate (for the purpose of the government of India)
    • Issuance of income and asset certificate for the economically weaker section.
    • Based on your needs, select the appropriate service by clicking on it. Next, pick the level from the list of possibilities, which includes Block, Subdivision, and District levels.
  • You will be taken to a new page where the application form will be visible.
  • Complete the application by entering the necessary information, such as your name, address, phone number, state, district, subdivision, village, salutation, father’s name, mother’s name, husband’s name, and so on.
  • Upload the crucial documents in step six. The application should then be submitted.

Required Documents

Online caste certificate requests must include crucial paperwork like:

  • Identity proof like Aadhaar card, voter’s id card, PAN card, or passport
  • Address proof such as Aadhaar card, residential proof, rent slip, and rent agreement or driving license.
  • Ration card copy.

In Bihar, applicants for income certificates must submit the following documentation:

  • Age proof such as a birth certificate or class 10 mark sheet.
  • Residential proof.
  • Ration card.
  • Income statement like monthly salary or salary slip.

The following documentation is needed in order to apply for a Bihar residence certificate:

बिहार संपत्ति प्रॉपर्टी रजिस्ट्री

RTPS Bihar Certificate Download Online

  • Visit the serviceonline.bihar.gov.in website
  • select “Download Certificate” to get the Bihar caste, income, or residency certificate download option.
  • A new page will be opened for users.
  • Enter the application reference number and applicant name, then choose RTPS services or another service from the selection menu.
  • Next, select “Download Certificate.”

The applicant will receive the certificate or license via a variety of channels, including:

  • Download certificate link at RTPS portal
  • Download link in SMS
  • Email attachment
  • DigiLocker
  • SevicePlus inbox
  • Nearest community service centre, kiosk, RTPS counter, etc.

As previously said, one can download the caste certificate for Bihar.

Offline mode for obtaining RTPS Bihar caste certificate, income certificate, and residence certificate.

Prior to the introduction of the online application process for caste, residence, and income certificates in Bihar, residents had to go to the appropriate block in their neighborhood to obtain these certificates from the relevant department. Due to the long lines of people, this process took a lot of time.

RTPS Bihar: Self-Registration Process

  • The self-registration process option is available to users on the home page of the RTPS Bihar gov.in portal.
  • Select “Self-Registration” from the menu.
  • The registration form will display in a dialogue box.
  • Fill out the registration form completely, including your full name, email address, mobile number, and password. From the dropdown, choose the state, then input the captcha code.
  • Then click “Submit.”

RTPS Bihar: How to login?

  • Visit the RTPS Bihar official portal’s home page.
  • In the top right corner of the page, click the login button.
  • Read the page’s “precautions” carefully. Select the “continue to login” link.
  • There will be a new dialogue box. Enter the Login ID and OTP/Password, which are required for login. Enter the Captcha.
  • To log into the portal, click the “Log in” button.
  • Password recovery is another option available on the web. To do this, select the “forgot password?” link. An additional dialogue box will open.
  • Enter the captcha code and login ID. Select “Submit” from the menu. You’ll have the choice to change your password.

How to Apply for a Birth Certificate and a Death Certificate in RTPS Bihar

  • The Planning and Development Department in Bihar offers RTPS services to the public. Applications for RTPS Bihar birth certificates and death certificates are among them. The service is available at block-level public service centers.
  • Visitors must come to the RTPS desk with the appropriate application form. They must properly complete the form by entering their name, age, residence, phone number, email address, and other information before submitting it and supplying all necessary supporting documentation.

RTPS Bihar online: Apply for services of the Labor Resources Department

  • The RTPS serviceonline.bihar.gov.in portal can also be used by citizens to submit applications for the Bihar State Non-resident Labor Accident Compensation scheme.
  • Offline mode for obtaining RTPS Bihar caste certificate, income certificate and residence certificate.
  • On the home page, applicants must click the link provided under the heading “Labor Resources Department.” They will be taken to a new page where the application form is visible.
  • Submit the form after filling it out and adding the necessary papers.

How to Check Application Status Online?

  • Click on “Track Application Status” under “Citizen Section” or on the right side of the home page to view the status of your online request for papers such as an income certificate on the RTPS portal.
  • On the screen, you will have the option to trace your application using either the Application Reference Number or the OTP/Application Details.
  • Enter the application reference number and choose your preferred date between the application submission date and delivery date. Fill out the word verification, then click “Submit.”
  • Choose the appropriate service from the dropdown menu, finish the word verification, then click “Submit” if you have opted to track the application using OTP/Application Details.
  • The screen will show the status of the application.
  • RTPS Bihar: Apply online for Revenue and Land Reforms Department services
  • One can access the services offered under the Revenue and Land Reforms Department section by going to the online RTPS Bihar site serviceonline.bihar.gov.in.
  • Navigate to “Online Application” on the homepage. Click on the Revenue and Land Reforms Department services that apply from the list of external services.
  • Once the application form has opened, enter all necessary information and upload any necessary files. Select “Submit.”

RTPS Bihar: Instant Certificate Verification Process

  • In order to expedite verification and processing, the Bihar RTPS online portal also offers residents the option of tatkal certificate verification.
  • Visit the official website at http://rtps.bihar.gov.in/rtps to utilize this service. and click the link that says “Verify Tatkal Certificate.”

How do I view the RTPS Services Management Information Report?

  • Visit the Bihar Right to Public Services and Other Services website to view the Management Information Reports.
  • Select Management Information Report for RTPS Services by clicking the button. The screen will then show a new page.
  • User ID and password must be entered. Please enter the captcha code. To view the Management information report of RTPS services, click “Submit” after that.

RTPS Services: How to View Certificate Web Copy?

On the front page of the RTPS services portal, select the Certificate Webcopy (for Adhikar and RTPS Online) option to use this service. Enter your application ID on the new page and select “Show” to access the certificate webcopy.