IGRS Delhi – Property Registration, Stamp Duty at DORIS Portal

IGRS Delhi – Are You Concerned about property registration and documentation if you intend to purchase real estate in New Delhi? Your problem has been resolved by the government with the aid of IGRS New Delhi. The essential department of the Inspector-General of Registration and Stamps is referred to as IGRS. Property registration services are provided by a government department via an internet site. A web portal is a fantastic alternative to the time-consuming process of registering a property with the government. It speeds up the process and maintains transparency. It becomes simple to calculate registration costs and stamp duty as well as to perform previous checks on the property, plans, maps, and land records. Delhi Online Registration Information System, or DORIS Delhi, is the abbreviation for the website.


IGRS Delhi Features

Many services and provisions for purchasing and registering real estate are provided by IGRS New Delhi. As registering a property necessitates a lot of paperwork and time, DORIS Delhi provides the majority of services on its website.

  • Looking for registered documents
  • Inspecting the deed documents
  • Calculation of stamp duty payable
  • Writing the deed document
  • Sub-registrar services (inspection, NOC, certified copy and more)
  • Grievance and complaint redressal
  • Dues payable to local bodies
  • Prohibited properties listed in Delhi

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Advantages of DORIS Online Portal for IGRS New Delhi

Discover a few of the main advantages of the IGRS New Delhi web portal below.

  • Property Valuation: You can use the property value tool on the IGRS New Delhi online portal to assess your New Delhi-based property. You only need to give the location information for your property.
  • Updates are made in real time on the IGRS New Delhi internet page: The portal’s information is always up to date and accessible from anywhere at any time. The portal displays the quantity of papers that have been received, registered, and gathered together with other property-related information.
  • Property Search: Through the IGRS New Delhi web site, you may also search the registration status of your property along with other pertinent information. and more than that! Documents may also be downloaded for properties found in specific places.
  • Simple Navigation: Even new users will find the IGRS New Delhi internet portal to be simple to use. All key areas have quick links right on the portal home page. All you have to do to get your question answered is go to the appropriate section.

How Can I Use the IGRS New Delhi Services?

To use the online registration features, visit DORIS Delhi’s official website. There are numerous alternatives on the home page of this IGRS New Delhi to assist you with the various property registration processes. You may find anything here, from e-Search to checking up restricted property; from looking up registered deeds to searching encumbrances.

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IGRS New Delhi Property Registration Procedures

  • For the majority of the processes, you’ll need for your registration process, visit the DORIS Delhi websiteand look through all of your options.
  • On the top menu, select the “deed writer” option. You can write your deed according to your requirements on a new website that will open up. The option to choose the type of deed is provided in the dropdown menu. You must provide the data for the first party, second party, and witness.
  • The next step is to determine the payable stamp duty. By including a value calculator on its website, IGRS New Delhi has simplified the procedure. To get to a different page, click the e-evaluation button on the DORIS Delhi website. The sub-registrar must be chosen from the dropdown menu in this case. Choose the alternative names for the locality, deed, and sub-deed.
  • The next step is to purchase an electronic stamp paper with the valuation listed in your e-valuation calculator. The closest Stock Holding Corporation of India office is where you may purchase stamp paper. Or purchase them via the business’s official website at https://www.stockholding.com.
  • Selecting “Products and services,” “e-Stamp services,” and “e-Registration” in that order is required here. When using it for the first time, register by providing all necessary information and receiving a secure login name and password. Enter these along with the verification code if you already have them. To sign in and make a payment, you must choose the product (payment of the registration fee). When the payment is successful, download the receipt.
  • Aphysical trip to the sub-office registrar’s is the last step of this process. You must schedule your appointment online for that. Visit https://srams.delhi.gov.in/ to access the appointment management system for the Revenue Department. The property address, location (including district), sub-office registrar’s address, and appointment reason must all be entered. Verify that the sub-office registrar’s is close to the location of the property.

Take note of the list of documents you must bring to the appointment. Choose “Yes” when asked if all of the aforementioned documents are ready. The e-stamp number from the downloaded receipt must then be typed in. Then and only then may you schedule a meeting with the SR office. An SMS will confirm the appointment’s day, time, and location for you.

If you miss an appointment, you must set up another one using a similar procedure. Rescheduling is only permitted one time.

Documents to be Carried to Sub-Registrar’s Office

The list of documents you must bring to your appointment with the sub-office registrar is provided below. The list is also accessible on the website for the appointment scheduling program.

  • Papers about the property, both original and copies.
  • ID proofs (original) of the buyer, seller, and witnesses including Aadhaar numbers.
  • 2 copies of passport-sized photographs of both the buyer and the seller.
  • Hardcopy of the e-stamp paper showing the stamp duty amount.
  • The receipt of e-registration fee was paid.
  • Form 60 or copy of PAN card with self-attestation.
  • NOC for property located on agricultural land

IGRS New Delhi Stamp Duty Fees and Other Verifications

One percent of the property’s total sale price is the registration fee. The gender-based stamp duty rates are 4% for female buyers and 6% for male buyers.

Do not forget to carefully review any pertinent documents. Check documents like the mother deed, the encumbrance certificate, the property tax receipts, and the building permit. The DORIS Delhi website and the registering officials will both be able to help you all.

Property Modification Under IGRS New Delhi

It is advised to pursue property mutation after registering your property with IGRS New Delhi. Every time there is a change in the ownership of property, the local authorities and pertinent authorities need to be informed. Based on this information, municipal authorities may impose a property tax on the new owner. For the property to have legal water and electricity connections in the owner’s name, the new owner needs a mutation certificate.

To learn more about the mutation process, go to mcdonline.nic.in, the website of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD). Form B is used for the transfer of property through inheritance, while Form A is used for other non-inheritance properties.


How can someone obtain assistance from DORIS Delhi in creating a property sale deed? Deed writer is a button on the DORIS Delhi website. Selecting that button will allow you to select the type of deed from a drop-down menu. The deed format is customizable to your needs. While utilising IGRS New Delhi, where can one purchase stamp paper? You must go to the Stock Holding Company of India while registering your property through IGRS New Delhi. You can go to their official website or the location that is closest to you. What is the IGRS New Delhi’s official online platform? The Delhi Online Registration Information System (DORIS) is the IGRS New Delhi’s official website. It provides a range of property registration-related services.