Computer Courses After 12th (Latest in Demand)

Computer Courses After 12th – After completing their 12th grade, students can further their education and expand their job options by enrolling in a variety of computer courses. Computer classes are now required in every industry in this digital age, and knowing how to use a computer can give you a competitive edge in the employment market. For studentswith varying interests and career objectives, there are alternatives ranging from undergraduate programmes to short-term computer courses. Following high school, some of the greatest computer courses are those offered by BCA, BSc, BTech, Diploma in Computer Science, Data Science, and Cybersecurity. Read the complete post to get complete information related to Computer Courses After 12th.


Computer Courses After 12th 2024

The computer-driven programs with an emphasis on technology are often available for only a year or up to three years. The computer programs that 12 students are most interested in pursuing are the following: BCA, Graphic Designing Diploma, Operating Systems Diploma, 3D Animation Diploma, Digital Marketing Diploma, and so on. Only those who have passed their 10th or 10+2 exams from an Indian state or central board that has been recognised are eligible to enrol in any of the computer courses. The Computer Courses Eligibility Criteria, included in the latter portion of this article, provides a descriptive explanation of the entrance requirements for each programme. The variety of courses offered beyond 12th grade affected everything from length to college level. For computer courses, the general fee range is usually between 8,000 and 76,000 Indian rupees.

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Benefits of Pursuing Computer Courses after 12th

Some of the key benefits of Pursuing Computer Courses After 12th are as follows:

  • Each student has the freedom to choose a course based on their areas of interest.
  • Students can advance their professions in several computer-related fields by taking computer courses.
  • There are several levels of computer prospect courses available after the 12th grade, including diploma, certificate, and bachelor.
  • Because of the skill-oriented curriculum, any course pertaining to computers or computer science will always be successful.
  • Computer-savvy students typically graduate with extraordinary skill and experience, placing them in ideal employment roles.

Prerequisite Skills for Computer Courses After 12th

  • Every institute has different criteria for taking computer courses, but students always need to be aware of what they absolutely need.
  • A minimum qualification from a recognised institution equivalent to a 10+2 level of learning with a 50% score is required of every student.
  • After completing their 12th grade, students have the option to enrol online for diploma or certificate programmes in addition to bachelor’s degrees.

Scope of Computer Courses After 12th

The shift in human thought from conventional to technical thinking can be attributed to technology. One could consider the modern world without technology to be standing. Nowadays, everyone needs to know about computers and their applications due to the change in technology. Soon after finishing their 12th grade exams, a lot of students enrol in computer-oriented programmes in order to advance their abilities and actively pursue profitable careers at the same time. Upon completion of computer courses, individuals receive employment offers from reputable companies with a base income package ranging from INR 3-5 LPA. People can work as graphic designers, web designers, data entry operators, and so on. Enrolling in higher level courses like BCA, BTech, BBA in Digital Marketing, etc. is suitable for those who want to expand their career opportunities in the future.

List of Best Computer Courses After 12th

There are several levels of computer prospect courses available after the 12th grade, including diploma, certificate, bachelors, etc. Some of the top Computer Courses After 12th are as follows:

Computer Applications Diploma

A year-long computing course is called Computer Applications Diploma. Students can pursue it after graduating from any accredited board with a 12th grade diploma. The course covers advanced concepts in both theoretical and practical computer applications. The course is being offered in traditional and distant learning forms by several institutes. Learning Microsoft Office, Internet applications, operating systems, etc. is the main goal of this course.

Bachelor of Technology (B Tech) in Computer Science

It’s among the most well-liked courses on computers. The B Tech Computer Science programme is only open to students in the Science stream. The UG course can be finished by students in no less than four years. This training is reasonably priced and offered by numerous government colleges. The results of the BTech Computer Science entrance test can be used as a basis for admission to a number of universities. The university-level entrance exam, also known as JEE Mains and JEE Advanced, must be passed in order to be admitted. One of the finest computer courses after 12th grade is getting a job in the IT industry with a good wage package.

Bachelors of Computer Application (BCA)

A bachelor’s degree in computer application is typically chosen by commerce students who want to learn the principles of computers and their applications. It is more well-known by its abbreviation, BCA. In the IT industry, it is one of the most sought-after courses. One of the greatest Computer Courses After 12th is BCA. After earning a BCA from any accredited university, students can get employment in the IT industry. The course is offered in traditional, online, and distance learning modes and lasts for three years. Following the course, students have the option to pursue postgraduate and doctoral studies.

Computer Certification Courses

After the 12th grade, computer certification courses are typically offered as short-term, online courses. These certification programmes are designed to provide in-depth understanding of subjects that are not included in degree programmes. The certification computer courses typically cover one topic, or perhaps just a few related areas. For example, certification programmes are available for computer languages such as Javascript, Python, R, and so on. Certain certification programmes focus on a particular area of computer science, such as cyber security, machine learning, data science, or analytics. It is difficult to estimate how long a certification course will typically last. It all depends on the course or skill you are taking. Certain certificate programmes are only a few hours long, while others might run anywhere from three to six months. Combining two or more certificate courses is another possibility; these combinations may run for 12 to 18 months.

Job Oriented Computer Courses

Some courses are job-oriented, meaning they will help you get employment as soon as you finish the course, while others call for additional education to obtain the desired jobs. These career-focused courses are an excellent option for individuals who want to begin working as soon as possible and do not want to pursue further education.