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AP Stamps & Registration – When purchasing immovable property in Andhra Pradesh, you must pay stamp duty and register AP Stamps & Registration deed data with the AP land registration and property department. Section 17 of the Indian Registration Act 1908 requires registration of AP Stamps & Registration deed data within 6 months after deeds completion. According to the AP Gram Panchayats Act, 1964, and the Andhra Pradesh Municipalities Act, 1965, transfer duties are payable while registering property and getting IGRS AP deed data. We will cover in today’s article all the information regarding Stamps and Registration in Andhra Pradesh


AP Stamps & Registration

As is the case in every other state, purchasing any kind of property in Andhra Pradesh requires the payment of the necessary stamp duty, as well as the registration of the purchase. The Andhra Pradesh Property and Land Registration Department is in charge of monitoring and controlling all of the dealings and procedures that are associated with stamp duty in the state of Andhra Pradesh. After the transaction has been completed, both the buyer and the seller are required to go to the office of the sub-registrar located in the area where the property is located in order to document the transaction alongside two other witnesses. Along with accepting payments for stamp duty in the state of Andhra Pradesh, the AP Property and Land Registry Office also offers a variety of other services that may be accessed online.

According to the new state government criteria, any property inside the district may be registered. This means that a property purchaser may visit the SRO nearest to his house or business to register papers and pay the required Stamp duty in Andhra Pradesh. Additionally, two witnesses are needed for AP stamps and deed registration. AP Stamps and registration register 5,000 to 6,000 properties every day. Annually, 17 to 18 million AP properties and land are registered. Check all the services available on ” AP Seva Portal “

AP Stamps & Registration Online Platform

registration.ap.gov.in offers information about AP stamps and registration deeds. All the concerned individuals must visit the website given.

At the time of land or property registration, which may be done partially online by submitting AP land registration paperwork online or AP property registration documents online, the buyer, seller, and two witnesses must attend the sub-office registrar’s where the property is situated.

The AP land registration and property registration office provide online services including AP land registration paperwork and deed data. utilization of these services to receive IGRS AP deed details.

AP Land Records

AP Registration Charges

documents Registration fee
Sale deed 1%
Agreement of sale-cum-general power of attorney Rs 2,000
Development agreement cum general power of attorney 0.5% (max. at Rs 20,000)
Power of attorney to sell / construct / develop / transfer immovable property 0.5% (minimum Rs 1,000, max .at Rs 20,000)
License deed 0.1%
Conveyance deed 0.5%
Lease deed/ Rental Agreement 0.1%
Mortgage 0.1%

Pay the Stamp Duty in Andhra Pradesh

In the state of Andhra Pradesh, there is no one method that may be used to pay the stamp duty. The tax on stamps may be paid either by handing in the stamp paper at the office or by utilizing a franking machine. In the office, you have the option of paying your stamp duty using cash, a money order, or even a credit card or a debit card. If you are using a franking machine, you will need to pay the fees at the facilities center for the franking machines.

On the official website of IGRS AP, you will find a list of places where you may buy stamp paper and franking supplies. You will then be transported to a new web page, where you may show a list after selecting the Registration district from a drop-down menu on a different page.

Webland AP

Andhra Pradesh SHCIL Stamp Duty

Andhra Pradesh has partnered with SHCIL for online stamp duty payment. The Indian government owns Stock Holding Corporation of India Ltd. It’s responsible for India’s e-stamping. The RBI authorizes SHCIL to collect and distribute savings and relief bonds from nationalized banks. In Andhra Pradesh, use SHCIL to pay stamp duty online just follows the steps shown below:

  • Visit the official website. Homepage will appear
  • On the homepage select Andhra Pradesh.
  • Enter your username and password when prompted.
  • Once logged in, input property data and pay fees by internet banking, NEFT, or debit/credit card.
  • You may also download Andhra Pradesh’s SHCIL branches and Sub-registrar offices.

AP Stamps & Registration Documents

  • Picture of the purchaser and seller.
  • For identification Voter id and aadhar card
  • Passport
  • Original sale deed.
  • The most recent property registration card was produced by the municipal Survey Department.

Process of Registration

  • Check property prices.
  • Compare circle rate to real pricing. Stamp duty will be the highest of the two figures. After the estimate, purchase non-judicial stamps from the authorities.
  • Bring all paperwork to the sub-office. The SRO makes a check slip based on the PDES data.
  • Then the officer fills out E-KYC and gets the fingerprints of the people who are signing up. The fingerprint would also be checked by the Aadhaar database.
  • When the Aadhar Card checks are finished, the applicant must pay stamp duty, registration fees, and any other costs that are needed.
  • The Registrar then prints and registers the endorsements by giving the parties the document and making a thumbprint on the document and in the registry.
  • The registered document is then scanned and sent to a server that the customer can access through the portal.
  • If the verification fails, the applicant must make the necessary changes and resubmit the application.

Jagananna Smart Town Scheme

AP Stamp Duty Refund

If Andhra Pradesh stamp duty is refunded, the maximum limit is 6 months. In case of a petition within 6 months, 10% of the total stamp duty payable is refunded.

A party seeking a stamp duty refund to transmit a request, challan, and original bank receipt to the District Collector/Sub-Collector/Deputy Collector/R.D.O./Tahsildar. Sub-registrars will issue the certificate after verifying the challan and receipt. The remainder is returned based on the S.R. certificate, less 10% of the total stamp tax.

How to Look up Information About an AP Land Registration

  • On the AP stamps and registration page, under “Services” click on “Document Details” to find out more about AP land registration documents.
  • You will be taken to the Registration Details page, where you can search for the AP land registration deed details of document number, layout plots, or apartments.
  • Choose “document number” from the drop-down menu if you want to check registration AP details with a document number.
  • Choose District from the drop-down menu, then choose Sub-registrar office.
  • Then type in the document number and the year it was registered, and click the “Submit” button.


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