Voter Helpline App Download Free for APK IOS, Benefits

Voter Helpline App – Elections are scheduled to take place in the state of northern India, with voting set to commence on November 12. Citizens may verify their names on the voter registry and fill out online New Voter Registration forms. Citizens of India can see applicants’ biographies, income statements, assets, and criminal cases on the mobile app. Citizens may also download and print the PDF. In today’s article, we will talk about everything about the Voter Helpline App and its features. We will also focus on how to use this app and its various services as well.


What is Voter Helpline App

On Friday, October 14, the Election Commission of India made public the schedule for the assembly elections that would take place in Himachal Pradesh. The Election Commission of India (ECI) is planning to hold elections in the northern Indian state beginning with voting on November 12, and it is planned to announce the results of those elections on December 8.

ECI has released an enhanced version of the Voter Helpline App in preparation for the next elections. On D-Day, they will provide voters with a variety of services and information that will assist them in making educated choices about the candidates they support. Other concerns may be sent to the National Contact Centre at 18001119501800111950 or the State Contact Centre at 1950. Users can also phone any of these numbers.

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Details of Voter Helpline App

App Name Voter Helpline App
Launched By Election Commission of India (ECI)
Available At App store and Playstore
Users All citizens of India

Voter Helpline App Objectives

The primary purpose of the application is to simplify the processes that voters were required to go through before the app was available to them. Voters are provided with responses to their questions regarding elections, electronic voting machines (EVMs), and results as well. The grievance system is also accessible within the mobile app, allowing users to record and follow the status of any type of complaint.

Voter Helpline App Benefits and Features

The benefits and features of the app are shown in the steps below:

  • After a user has downloaded the app, they will see an option within the app called “Electoral Search.” This allows users to check that their name appears on the voter list. Simply enter the name, and then search for the name. In the event that the name is not located, a request to have it added to the list can be submitted.
  • Users can fill out new voter registration forms online, shifting their focus to a different constituency in the process.
  • Users of the app are able to get information on the candidacies for which they want to vote. Every little information about such applicants, including their criminal histories and the organizations they have worked with in the past. In addition, users are able to verify their earnings, assets, and other relevant information.
  • Users of the app no longer have to rely on old-fashioned methods; instead, they can access contact information for election officials and call them directly with questions or other concerns.
  • Users are also able to easily file complaints or grievances, which is another important function of the app.
  • The application includes information pertaining to Voters, Elections, and electronic voting equipment. In addition, as the time for results is getting close, it displays the outcomes clearly and concisely to its consumers.
  • Through the use of the Voter Helpline app, users now have the opportunity to obtain a digital picture voter slip.

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Voter Helpline KYC Details

The voters in the district are receiving this information from the district administration. This app offers solutions to a variety of issues, including those pertaining to voter cards. This functionality is available within the app.

The Know Your Customer app that was created by the Election Commission is now available for download on both Android and iOS. This application will provide access to all of the information accessible to each applicant. Voters will be able to view any information related to a criminal case brought against a candidate in this app if such a case has been filed against the candidate. Citizens will be able to access information on any candidate, including whether or not that candidate has been engaged in any legal proceedings.

In addition to this, the Election Commission sent information on the Suvidha Portal, which was made accessible to candidates. Candidates who are running for office in a certain election or political party may submit their nominations and affidavits online using this application. One may submit an online application using this portal in order to participate in a rally, meeting, or another event.

How to Download Voter Helpline App

This application is available for download by anybody who navigates to the Play Store on their Android device.

  • Open the play store on android devices and search for the “Voter helpline App
  • To do this, the voter must first get registered.
  • Then A password will be sent to the voter’s mobile device when he or she has registered to vote.
  • Anyone may register themselves as new voters in Form No. 6, Form No. 7 to remove their name from the voter list, Form No. 8 to make any type of adjustment, and other forms within the same Assembly Constituency after downloading it. After moving to the location, one is eligible to submit an application using Form No.-8A.
  • In a similar vein, users are able to access any sort of complaint that is associated with a voter list.