UP Scholarship Correction 2023 Date

UP Scholarship Correction – When will the UP scholarship be corrected? Who exactly qualifies as a student for the correction? What procedures must be followed in order to make changes to the UP scholarship application form? This post will answer all of your questions regarding the UP Scholarship Correction. It gives you information on how to make the corrections as well as highlights the important dates for updating your scholarship application.


UP Scholarship Correction 2024

The UP Scholarship Correction process allows applicants to make changes to their online application form as part of the UP Scholarship application process. Students who filled out the online application form incorrectly may correct their mistakes and submit the updated form online within the allotted time frame. The Uttar Pradesh (UP) government launches its online scholarship application portal each year to welcome new and renewed applications from students who are residents of the state. It provides scholarships for pre-matriculation and post-matriculation study for deserving and underserved state students. The portal remains accessible for UP Scholarship Correction after the tentative application period for the scholarship, which runs from July through November.

About UP Scholarship

The state government offers pre-matric scholarships for students enrolled in classes 9 and 10 and post-matric scholarships for students of class 11th and above. The main reason for creating these scholarships is to encourage deserving and underprivileged students in the state to pursue their ideal education by giving them the necessary financial support. These scholarships serve a huge number of students each year.

UP Scholarship Renewal

UP Scholarship Correction Details

Scholarship Name UP Scholarship Correction
Sponsored by Department of Social Welfare, Government of Uttar Pradesh
Login Portal Saksham Portal
Scholarship Type State Level Scholarship
Types of Scholarships Available Pre-Matric / Post-Matric
Details Required to Check UP Scholarship Status Registration Number or Mobile Number or Bank Account Number
Offici Website scholarship.up.gov.in

Important Dates for Correction of the UP Scholarship 2024

The state government releases the dates for UP scholarship correction after the online application process for both new and renewal candidates has ended. The schedule for correction falls in the months of November and December because the last date for online applications typically extends into the month of October. The important dates for UP scholarship correction for the academic year 2023 are highlighted in the table below. Additionally, the list of scholarships for which corrections may be made is provided below.

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UP Scholarship Correction Date – Pre-Matric Scholarship

Scholarship Name Online Correction Date
Pre-matric Scholarship For ST/SC/General Category, Uttar Pradesh November 2023
Pre-Matric Scholarship for Minorities, Uttar Pradesh
Pre-Matric Scholarship for OBC Students, Uttar Pradesh

UP Scholarship Correction Date – Post-Matric Scholarship

Scholarship Name Correction Date
Post matric Intermediate Scholarship For ST/SC/General Category, Uttar Pradesh December 2023
Post matric (Other than Intermediate) Scholarship for ST, SC, General Category, Uttar Pradesh
Post matric Other State Scholarship for ST, SC, General Category, Uttar Pradesh
Post matric (Other Than Intermediate) Scholarship for Minorities, Uttar Pradesh
Post matric Intermediate Scholarship for Minorities, Uttar Pradesh
Post matric Intermediate Scholarship for OBC Students, Uttar Pradesh
Post matric (Other Than Intermediate) Scholarship for OBC, Uttar Pradesh

Eligibility Regarding Scholarship

The UP scholarship correction provision covers only post-matriculation scholarships. The corrections can be made in online applications by students who are enrolled in post-matriculation or post-secondary courses. This includes students in grades 11, and 12, graduates, postgraduates, Ph.D., MPhil, and postdoctoral students. All post-matric applicants are recommended to periodically check the status of their online applications because the correction window only opens for a brief period of time. By doing this, they may ensure that they don’t miss the chance.

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UP Scholarship Correction Process: Step by Step Guide

Students must submit a printed copy of the full application form, along with all necessary supporting documentation, to their respective universities for review after completing the online application for the UP scholarship. The students can check the status of their applications on the portal after the inspection procedure is complete and make any necessary modifications. What procedures must be performed to correct UP scholarships? Here is a step-by-step explanation of how to correct the form.

1st Step: Log in to the Scholarship & Fee Reimbursement Online System of UP

  • First of all, visit the online portal (Scholarship & Fee Reimbursement Online System) of UP scholarship.
  • Click on “Student” and select Postmatric login (either intermediate fresh/renewal or other than intermediate fresh/renewal).
  • Use your registration number, birth date, password, and verification code to log in.
  • Fill out the captcha, then submit.

2nd Step: Making the corrections

  • You must review your scrutiny result, which is displayed on the screen after a successful login.
  • Click the “Modify application after initial test” button to make any necessary changes.
  • Your browser will take you to the application page.
  • Make the necessary adjustments, then resubmit the updated online application.

3rd Step: Submitting the corrected application to the institution.

  • Take a hard copy of the UP scholarship application once you have finished all of the adjustments.
  • Send the amended application’s physical copy to the appropriate institutions.

UP Scholarship Correction FAQs

What changes can be made to a student’s UP scholarship application? When the applications are examined by the institution, the application window for making changes to the application form opens. The students must update any inaccurate information that was submitted on the application. Making adjustments is an easy procedure. The students must log in to their user dashboard to access the information about the application adjustment. They must make the necessary adjustments within the allotted time frame. How can a student make changes to their application form? The UP scholarship application form cannot be modified after submission. However, if the data supplied is determined to be inaccurate when the institute verifies the application, the students may make corrections in some categories.