Passport Application Online – Step by Step Guide to Apply for Passport

Passport Application Online – Globalization has boosted worldwide travel over the years. Yet, unlike domestic travel, overseas travel necessitates the traveler’s possession of a passport. The Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs consequently regularly receives a large volume of passport applications. You can use the instructions in this article to learn how to apply for a passport in India.


Passport Application Online 2024

The government created the Passport Seva portal to meet the growing demand for passports. It makes it simple for people all around the country to apply for passports, pay costs, and make appointments. Through the Passport Seva website, Indian citizens can submit an online passport application. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs processes every passport application online. The process for renewing a visa is also completed online.

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Passport Application Online Details in Highlights

Name Passport Application Online
Password issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Beneficiaries Indian citizens
Application process Online
Official Website

How to Apply Online for a Passport?

Log in to Passport Seva

The steps to access the Passport Seva website are as follows:

  • If you already have an account, log in with your user ID and password.
  • If this is your first time using the service, you must register and set up an account. To register, follow the instructions below:
  • To register, click “Register Now.”
  • Enter your login information. After entering the captcha code, select “Register.”

Choose the Application Type

Upon logging in, you must select a service from the following:

Fill the Application Form

The application form can be filled out offline or online. Follow the instructions below to fill out the application form offline:

  • To get the application form in soft copy, click on the provided link.
  • A link to an electronic version of the ensuing forms will be visible. Depending on the type of application, download the appropriate form:
  • Fresh/reissue
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Diplomatic/Official
  • Identity Certificate
  • Complete the online application form and press the “Upload e-form” button.
  • Next step is to upload the completed application.
  • Online application forms are also available for completion and submission. The procedure might potentially be partially started and completed later. Double-checking the form before emailing it is advised.
  • Make the appointment, pay, and book it.

You will need to pay a fee after completing the form. You must also submit your application and any other required papers to the nearest Passport Seva office, where you can pay the fee online or in person. Making an appointment at the Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) or the relevant passport office that is most convenient for you is the next step. Any of the following approaches can be used to make an appointment:

  • View saved/submitted applications by going to the “Applicant Home” tab and clicking on it.
  • Information from the completed application form will be visible. Choose the ARN of the form you just sent.
  • From the list of options, select “Pay and Book Appointment.”
  • Next, pick one of the two payment options—online or by challan—from the two methods that are offered.

Note: The online charge is the same as a standard passport fee when paying for Tatkaal appointments. On the day of the appointment, the remaining payment must be paid at the PSK. A credit card, debit card, net banking, or SBI Bank challan can all be used to make the payment online.

When the application fees have been successfully paid, the applicant can “follow the payment status” on the website. Moreover, a follow-up email is sent.

  • Bring the challan to an SBI branch and make the necessary cash payment there. (Note: This can only be done three hours after the 85-day challan is generated.)
  • The receiving bank staff should then be asked for a copy of the challan.
  • The ARN information supplied on the challan is verified by the bank in two days.
  • Choose a payment method next.

Tatkal Passport Appointment

Scheduling the Appointment

To make an appointment, take the following actions:

  • Choose the PSK of your preference on the ‘Pay and Schedule Appointment’ page.
  • From the list of accessible dates, select a time frame that works for you. There, based on the available dates, the candidate must choose a PSK.
  • At step three, you must enter the CAPTCHA code to confirm your appointment time.
  • Choose ‘Pay and Book the Appointment’ in the next step.
  • Information about the application, including the ARN, name, kind of application, required payment amount, contact information, and appointment date, will be shown.
  • You will be sent to the payment gateway if you want to pay online.

Once your payment has been properly processed, you will receive an appointment number and confirmation. SMS will also be used to distribute the information. Make a printed copy of the application receipt. Nowadays, all PSKs recognize the SMS as a valid appointment confirmation.

If more than one payment is made for the same appointment, application, or ARN, the RPO will return the extra money. After the initial appointment, the passport appointment may be postponed twice within a calendar year. You cannot, however, postpone the appointment if you are late.

How to Apply Online for an Official Passport or Diplomatic Passport

Diplomatic or official passports are issued to those with diplomatic status or to those who are sent abroad by the Indian government on official business. This document is also admissible as proof of identity and address. The Patiala House, New Delhi, Consular, Passport and Visa (CPV) Division frequently is the sole location that accepts applications for diplomatic and official passports. The applicant’s present address is where you can also choose to submit your application if you like.

The following advice will assist candidates who desire to submit an online application for an official or diplomatic passport:

  • Go to the Passport Seva Kendra’s official website and click the “Register Now” link.
  • Following that, they will be provided with an ID to use while logging into the Passport Seva Online Portal.
  • Next, applicants must click the “Apply for Diplomatic Passport” link.
  • Thereafter, the needed form must be downloaded, filled out, and submitted along with the requisite documentary evidence.
  • On the following page, under “View Saved/Submitted Applications,” click the “View/Print Submitted Form” link to print the completed application.
  • The printed version of the online application form must be forwarded to the Consular Passport and Visa Division, Patiala House, in the New Delhi Passport Office, together with the original copies of all necessary documents.

How to Submit an e-Form

  • The steps needed to submit your e-Form are as follows:
  • Go to Passport Seva’s official website.
  • Click the “Download e-Form” option on the homepage.
  • Complete the form with reliable information.
  • Choose the “Validate and Save” option (an XML file will be generated which will have to be uploaded later)
  • On the home page, select the “Register Now” link.
  • Log in using your registered ID.
  • Choose the XML file created in step 4 by clicking “Upload e-Form” in that step.
  • On the “view Saved/Submitted Applications” screen, click “Pay and Schedule Appointment” to get going. Debit or credit cards, SBI challans, affiliated banks’ internet banking services, and others are all acceptable forms of payment.
  • Choose the ‘Print Application Receipt’ link (not mandatory to print this as you can also show the SMS with the application details at the office)
  • Visit the Regional Passport Office or Passport Seva Kendra with your original documents on the day of your appointment.

Passport Application Online FAQ’s

How can I obtain a passport? By registering on the Passport Seva Online website, you can submit a passport application. After completing the registration process, you can use the registered log-in ID to access the portal and complete the necessary tasks, such as filling out the application form, making an appointment, and paying the required costs. How may a passport application form be modified after being submitted? Ask the Citizen Service Executive (CSE) present at the Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) or Post Office Passport Seva Kendra how to modify a filed passport application (POPSK) How can I cancel my online passport application? By accessing the Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) portal three days before the appointment, you can revoke the submitted passport application. You can accomplish so by going to the ‘Schedule Appointment’ option after selecting ‘Submitted/View Saved applications’ from the PSK site. You can cancel your passport application there by selecting the “Cancel” option.